Bass and Play - Travel in easy duets and trios

Jean-Loup Dehant

Performers : Jean-Loup Dehant & Amandine Dehant

Instruments : Contrabass 1, Contrabass 2, Contrabass 3

Level : Beginner

Pitch : 442Hz

Available movements

About :These duets and trios (1st cycle), easy and playful, are specially designed for the double bass, and composed by Jean-Loup Dehant, a renowned pedagogue who has written numerous methods for his instrument. His pedagogical objective is to familiarize oneself with ensemble music, to work on rhythmic precision and accuracy, to discover percussion on the double bass, the col legno, the pizz. Bartók. The pieces are of different styles: jazz, oriental, Asian, Spanish, Viennese. Translated with (free version)

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