Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor, Op.18

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Performers : Yeol Eum Son & Orchestre national d'Île-de-France, Case Scaglione

Instruments : Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Piano, Flute 1, Oboe 1, Clarinet 1, Bassoon 1, Horn 1, Trumpet 1, Trombone 1, Tuba, Timpani

Level : Advanced

Pitch : 442Hz

Available movements

About :The Concerto in C minor, Op. 18, is the second of five piano concertos by the Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943). It was composed just after the composer had suffered a three-year nervous breakdown following the failure of his first symphony, which was very poorly received by the critics. It was thanks to the treatment of Dr. Nicolas Dahl, a Russian neurologist who practiced hypnosis and who advised him to write this concerto, that Rachmaninov managed to emerge from this crisis and regain his creativity. This concerto is dedicated to Dr. Dahl as a token of thanks.

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