Cinq morceaux caractéristiques, op.51 - 3. Bolero

Jenö Hubay

Performers : Andrew Ling & Colleen Lee

Instruments : Violin, Piano

Level : Intermediate

Pitch : 442Hz

Available movements

About :Eugen Huber (1858 - 1937), better known by his Hungarian name Jenő Hubay, was a Hungarian violinist, composer and music teacher. He was trained in violin and music by his father, Karl, who was the first violin of the Hungarian National Opera and professor at the Franz-Liszt Academy of Music. At the age of thirteen, Hubay began his studies in Berlin with Joseph Joachim. In 1882, Hubay held the professorship of violin at the Brussels Conservatory, then returned to Hungary in 1886 where he inherited his father's position as head of the Franz-Liszt Academy of Music. That same year, he founded the Budapest Quartet with cellist David Popper. He also taught at the Budapest Conservatory until his retirement in 1934.

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