Castor et Pollux, RCT 32 - Act IV, Scene 5: Séjour de l'éternelle paix

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Performers : Les Talens Lyriques, Cyrille Dubois, Christophe Rousset

Level : Advanced

Pitch : 415Hz

Available movements

About :Jean-Philippe Rameau's (1683-1764) third opera, 'Castor et Pollux' is a lyrical tragedy in five acts, first performed in 1737 and revised in 1754 to great success. The libretto by Pierre-Joseph Bernard adapts the myth of the famous dioscuri: Pollux must renounce immortality to deliver his brother Castor from the underworld. It is on the Elysium that the latter mourns his lost love in the aria 'Stay of Eternal Peace'.

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