Menuet in G major, BWV Anh 114 (Anna Magdalena Notebook)

Johann Sebastian Bach

Performers : Julien Martin & Esteban Gallegos

Level : Beginner

Pitch : 440Hz

Available movements

About :The Little notebooks of Anna Magdalena Bach are music books (Klavierbüchlein) written by Johann Sebastian Bach and members of his family. The second notebook has come down to us almost complete. It is an autograph manuscript dated 1725, consisting of 67 bound leaves, with a cover on which the three capital letters A M B and the date 1725 are written in gold letters. A gift to Anna Magdalena from her husband, this little book soon became a family album. Although the first pages contain the Partita III in A minor (BWV 827) written by the composer himself, their sons (Johann Christian, Carl Philipp Emanuel, Gottfried Heinrich) also used it for their compositional attempts. This book thus seems to be one of the family's music books, in the image of the teaching that Anna Magdalena and the children received from Johann Sebastian, with, in particular, at the end of the book the rules of figured bass. However, this book is also open to the composers of the time, with copies of works attributed to Christian Petzold (Menuets in G major BWV Anh. 114 and G minor BWV Anh. 115), in particular. This book constitutes an excellent repertoire for learning to play the Piano or the Harpsichord.

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