Il Festino nella sera del Giovedì Grasso (Feast On The Evening Of Maundy Thursday)

Adriano Banchieri

Performers : Les Métaboles, Léo Warynski

Instruments : Soprano, Alto voice, Bass

Level : Intermediate

Pitch : 440Hz

Available movements

About :Adriado Banchieri (1581-1634) was an Italian composer and organist. "Festino nella sera del Giovedì Grasso" is a set of 20 madrigals for five-part chorus. It was composed in 1608 as a Commedia dell'arte play which represents a banquet. The guests play, sing and tell stories. The most famous part of "Festino" is the "animal counterpoint", a satirical counterpoint for a four-part chorus thought as an improvisation by animals (dog, cat, cuckoo, owl) on a Gregorian basso continuo theme. (Recording produced with the support of the Cité de la Voix and the Orange Foundation)

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