Aequales for Three Trombones
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    Le OFF (musiciens de l’Orchestre de Paris) / Aequales for Three Trombones
    Aequales for Three Trombones
    Anton Bruckner
    Le OFF (musiciens de l’Orchestre de Paris)
    From the latin adjective « aequalis”, equal, an Aequale is a music piece for similar voices or instruments. In the 18th century, it becomes a generic term for pieces for three to four trombones. Among the most famous Aequali (or Equali) are Beethoven’s for four trombones (1812) and Bruckner’s for three (1847).
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    • Aequale No.1 for Three Trombones, WAB 114
    • Aequale No.2 for Three Trombones, WAB 149