Lakmé - Act 1 : 'Duo des fleurs'

Léo Delibes

Performers : Isabelle Valot, Eléonore Pancrazi, Orchestre national de Bordeaux Aquitaine, Romain Dumas

Level : Intermediate

Pitch : 440Hz

Available movements

About :The Flower Duet is a famous lyrical duet from the opera Lakmé, by the French composer Léo Delibes (1836-1891). The work narrates the eternal impossible love between Gerald (an officer of the British Empire) and Lakmé (daughter of the priest of a Hindu temple of the god Brahmā in 19th century British India). Lakmé and her maid Mallika sing as they set off to pick exotic flowers to adorn their temple, on the heavenly and wondrous banks of a stream and its pond (before meeting Gerald on their return, with whom Lakmé falls madly in love for eternity).

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