Sheet music Lady Be Good (George Gerswhin) for Jazz Quartet
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    E. Carniel, F. Nisse, G. Flouzat, L. Ernault / Lady Be Good
    Lady Be Good
    George Gerswhin
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    440 Hz
    E. Carniel, F. Nisse, G. Flouzat, L. Ernault
    Born in New York, he made his debut as an orchestral pianist on Broadway. His brother, Israel aka "Ira", who was a lyricist, wrote most of the lyrics of his songs. Creator of symphonic jazz, Gershwin makes his musicals triumph. In 1928, he met Maurice Ravel in the United States. In Vienna, he became friends with Alban Berg. Having become a real star, he moved to Hollywood to compose music for films and popular songs. Many of his works have become jazz standards, including the very famous "Lady be Good".
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    • Lady Be Good