Capriccio, Op.80
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    Philibert Perrine & Guillaume Sigier / Capriccio, Op.80
    Capriccio, Op.80
    Almicare Ponchielli
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    440 Hz
    Philibert Perrine & Guillaume Sigier
    Almicare Ponchielli (1834-1886) was an Italian composer. His extraordinary talent was quickly recognized and he was sent to the Milan Conservatory to study composition at age nine.After graduating, he immediatly began composing opera, as in Italy it was impossible to make a name for oneself in any any other genre. The Oboe Cappricio was published three years after his death. It is essentially composed of an operatic theme with variations. It was clearly intended as a recital work showing off the virtuosity of the oboe.
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    • Capriccio, Op.80