Die Nacht

Franz Schubert

Performers : Les Métaboles, Léo Warynski

Instruments : Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass 1, Bass 2

Level : Advanced

Pitch : 440Hz

Available movements

About :"Die Nacht" is often regarded as one of Schubert's most touching lieder. If its literary origins are to some extent blurry, its Schubert's original manuscript is just as incertain. "Die Nacht" is the ninth and last adaptation of poems by the Scottish Bard Ossian from the 3rd century, from translation by James MacPherson (18th c.). Composed in 1817, it remained unfinished and was published in 1830, with a few addings by the editor Diabelli. The manuscript only re-emerged in the 1960s in Hungary. (Recording produced with the support of the Cité de la Voix and the Orange Foundation)

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