Nanna di u dilà da i monti
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    Sequenza 9.3 / Nanna di u dilà da i monti
    Nanna di u dilà da i monti
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    440 Hz
    Sequenza 9.3, Catherine Simonpietri
    “A Nanna” comes from monodies written in Corsican language and composed between the 16th and the 19th centuries. It was then arranged for six female voices by François Saint-Yves. Those lullabies, that are just as necessary to seduce our fragile childhood than to comfort our sorrow, take us back to intimacy, to the unconditional love from a mother to her own child. From 2019/2020, and as part as an educative project, this repertoire is part of the first series uploaded on NomadPlay, designed to encourage choir practices and polyphony learning, in schools and for the uninitiated.
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